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Don Paparone, Inc.

Luxury HomesPaparone Homes of New Jersey, Inc. was founded in 1978 and is headed by third generation homebuilder Don Paparone. The Company is unique in that it is still a local company, building homes where its business is located and where the company's management and employees live.

Over the years Paparone Homes of New Jersey, Inc. has built thousands of homes in numerous communities in the most sought after locales in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware. The company has proudly been honored with many awards from the homebuilding industry as well as the respect of its homebuyers.

Throughout its history, the guiding principle behind the company has been an emphasis on customer service. To fulfill this mission, Don Paparone's first order of business has been to build the highest quality homes with the best dollar value.

new homes in South JerseyOne of the keys to his success is being surrounded by long time employees in a family-like atmosphere. Most of the associates have been with Paparone Homes for more than 25 years. He has also enjoyed lengthy business relationships. Don Paparone's personal knowledge of each of the contractors and suppliers who work on his many communities is another factor that is a part of the company's success.

For the past 34 years families have turned and returned to Paparone Homes of New Jersey, Inc. when it came to making the largest investment of their lives - buying their home. Children of these homebuyers have purchased their own homes in Don Paparone communities. As many as three generations of families have enjoyed living their dreams in homes built by Paparone Homes of New Jersey, Inc.

“I will continue to strive to build the best home for the dollar and to continue to fulfill the needs and dreams of each homebuyer in the future.”

Don Paparone